The study by Lucas and Max on the extracellular nuclease ExeM is now published.


The Zombie has finally come alive. Great collaboration with the Bange and Ringgaard labs. Thanks to all people involved (and sorry, Anna).


New life in the lab: Welcome to the BSc students Frederike, Kirsten, Lisa and Marie!

Summer-BBQ June 2018. The gang (+ watchdog Jake).

flagellar screw of Shewanella putrefaciens


The flagellar screw appears in the Laborjournal. Thanks to Larissa Tetsch for translating our geeky stuff into proper German.


Our new team member Dirk joined the lab as an MSc student. Welcome Dirk!


Happy new year 2018


Lophotrichously flagellated Pseudomonas putida can (per)form the flagellar screw as well! Have a look at the great story by our colleagues from the Carsten Beta Lab!


Welcome Isy, our new MSc student!


Welcome Meike, John, and Tim as new PhD students!

Shewanella putrefaciens screwing


The story on bacterial screwing motility is out! Thanks to Bruno Eckhardt and Felix Schmidt for the beautiful and fun collaboration. Looking forward to doing more research with you,


The figure of a screwing Shewanella cell was designed by the Ella Maru studio.  



01.07.2017 - recommended by the Faculty of 1000

further comments see here, here, here, or here.


Have a look at the new book on methods dealing with bacterial flagella and flagella-mediated motility.



Congratulations, Dr. Rossmann!




Marco wins the 'Award for an Outstanding Talk by a Graduate Student' at this years's BLAST meeting in New Orleans. Great job, Marco!



The Thormann Lab goes online

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the dual flagellar system of Shewanella putrefaciens